Troubleshooting Tips To Resolve Canon B200 Error

Canon b200 error

Canon Printers are known worldwide for their simple troubleshooting. The help code Error B200 is one of the most widely recognized errors experienced in the Canon Printers.

The troubleshooting for settling this error is very straightforward. As the Canon printers accompanies either 2 or 4+ cartridges, so troubleshooting the Error B200 is diverse for both the printers.

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Troubleshooting 4+ Cartridge Canon Printers

1. Open your printer top cover. The cartridge support will consequently lift up. Expel every one of the cartridges from the support.

2. Next stage is to evacuate the print head which can be effectively done by lifting the switch which is found just next to the cartridge support. After you have lifted the switch, at that point just delicately expel the printhead from the printer.

3. In the third step, reinsert the printhead over into its situation in the printer and make a point to bolt the switch.

4. At that point reinsert every one of the cartridges into their right positions in the printer and ensure that there is no open entryway. By guaranteeing the conclusion of entryways guarantees that the printer is prepared with the entrance to the cartridges and printhead.

5. At that point physically unplug your printer cable from the power board and leave it unplugged for at any rate at least 5 minutes. This outcomes in cooling down off of the printer and the waiting electrical vitality is likewise dispensed with.

6. Re-plug the printer.

7. The Final Step is to begin a cleaning cycle or play out a broad spout check. The Error B200 typically doesn’t occur when the printer has a standard access to the printhead.

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Troubleshooting 2 Cartridge Canon Printers

1. Turn Off the printer. The cartridge support really stalls out in the Error B200 state. Be that as it may, retuning the printer incidentally let us further identify the Error B200.

2. Turn the printer ON once more.

3. The Error B200 doesn’t actually demonstrate the problematic cartridge. Along these lines, you ought to have an unpleasant thought what cartridge you supplanted last. Expel that cartridge delicately from the space.

4. In a 2 cartridge Canon printer, the printer’s print head is the piece of the cartridge. This printer has confinement that you can’t avert the Error B200 without replacing the hazardous cartridge. In this manner supplant the cartridge with an old working cartridge or supplant it with another one.

5. Do a broad spout check or a cleaning cycle. After the substitution of the cartridge, this is a basic advance to decide if the ideal cartridge is supplanted from the printer.

6. In the event that the issue is as yet uncertain, at that point supplant the other cartridge with another one or an old working cartridge. As this Canon printer works with 2 cartridges, so clearly both of the two cartridges is flawed. Supplanting and checking the two cartridges individually should resolve the issue.

7. If that the issue still endures in the wake of playing out all the above strides for troubleshooting the two sorts of Canon printers, at that point it is prescribed to the client to connect with the Canon Helpline or a printer expert.

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Epson Printer Error State? Fix It Here Now With 1800-436-0509

With the everyday modernization, printers assume a fundamental job in our day by day work. Printers make the work substantially more agreeable. In any case, over the long haul printers likewise face some error codes identified with its equipment and programming. many customer report encountering issues like Epson Printer Error State.

Epson printer error stae

The Epson printer is in error state mainly happens if there is any issue with the printer itself. This error can likewise happen when the printer is turned on, and the paper is in a stuck state. Here in this article, you can get all the pertinent information about how to determine the Epson printer error and make things easier.

Reasons behind Printer in an Epson Printer error state

Connection problems between printer and PC:

Some printers face connection problems with the system. Perhaps there is an issue with the remote system.

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The printer isn’t connected properly to the power supply:

This is the most regular error that clients frequently complain about. It can occur because of issues with power lines in use. The printer won’t get the correct power supply if there is an issue with the connecting links.

Epson Printer Installation Issue:

Sometimes for issues with the Epson printer installation procedure printer can quit responding. Ensure that you install the printer software accurately and properly.

Epson printer drivers Failure:

Corrupted Epson printer drivers may likewise bring about malfunctioning of your printers. Drivers got harmed when the driver was not properly updated. Some of the time outsider applications and infection can corrupt Epson printer’s drivers.

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Easy steps to fix Epson printer error state


  • Ensure that your Epson printer’s line is Properly connected with the electrical board.
  • Moreover, check whether the USB cable is connected with the PC or not. If there is an issue with the link, connect your Epson printer to your pc with another USB cable.
  • If you have a Wireless Epson printer, at that point check that the Epson printer is accurately connected with the pc.
  • When all done to test your printer by printing a Blank page.

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  • If that you Updated or upgraded your Windows Operating System, then you have to download the Suitable Epson printer drivers for your flow operating system.
  • In case that you are Facing infections or power issues, at that situation ensure that to examine your operating system completely and update your Epson drivers consistently.


  • Above all Steps Done close all printing task undertakings and turn off your Epson printer.
  • Otherwise, abort all ongoing print tasks in the line.
  • Restart your device and catalyst your Epson printer and see whether the issue is settled.

More often than not, restarting the device may resolve your Epson printer error state codes.

Dial Epson Printer Support Number +1-800-436-0509 for Instant Help

In the event that you tried every one of the means and still the Epson printer error state issue occurs then contact at our Epson Support number. We have an exceptionally qualified Epson printer technical support group accessible nonstop at to help. You can contact us at our Epson toll free number; our specialists will help you 24*7. On the off chance that you are seeking online specialized help on talk you can essentially profit help from our online gateway. Besides, you can keep in touch with us a mail at our Epson Support ID to report the issue. Our specialists will associate with you at the earliest opportunity.