Error Code 0x97 may be a warning once there’s a drag with the internal hardware. It can be caused by motherboard failure or different interior components. once this error happens, it happens suddenly and should lead for your printer to show off or stop printing. Hardware failure is also needing a fast fix or replacement. a way to search out is making an attempt tested troubleshoots.

How to fix Epson Error Code 0x97?

When a hardware failure happens hastily, you’ll try the following:

Unplug and Plug-in

  • When this error message seems. turn on-off power and disconnect.
  • Unplug all connected cables.
  • Unplug USB drivers.
  • Remove all printer cartridges.
  • Still turned off, move power to release all remaining current within the printer.
  • Plug in all cables and USB. install printer cartridges. turn the power on.
  • See if the error message remains.
  • If the error persists, still the following technique.

Unplug and plugin (2)

  • Turn off the Epson printer and disconnect.
  • Disconnect all cables and USB.
  • Wait for 5 minutes till the printer cools down.
  • Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds. don’t release.
  • After 60 seconds (DO NOT RELEASE), connect the cord and hold for one more 60 seconds.
  • release the power button. Check if the error message still appears.
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Clean Mechanic Pad

  • Turn off printer and disconnect.
  • Remove printer cover and casing.
  • Wet tissue with warm water. Wipe cleaning implement.
  • Leave wet tissue for some minutes on the pad.
  • Remove the tissue and leave it to dry fully.
  • Plugin and turn on the printer. See if the error persists.

If all strategies are tried without improvement, you might need to decision the customer support or facilitate a technician. Epson XP-830 could be a multifunction printer that includes complicated interior hardware. Therefore, expert assistance is required once all strategies were tried.

Nothing is a lot of inconvenient than having your printer malfunction within the middle of document creation. However, more delays can be avoided if you recognize how to troubleshoot a common printer error. For Epson users, Error Code 0x97 has several fixes you’ll try.

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