Scanners are the devices that let you create an online copy of a physical document. There are numerous scanning solutions available, but HP printers offer the complete solution for printing and scanning in its printers. No doubt, every HP product is a complete value for money, but HP printers and scanners are the most commendable due to their perfection and precision. But to work with your scanner, you must have a stable network connection. Still, if you come across any error with your HP scanner, try the below-given troubleshooting steps or reach out the HP customer care for discovering a straightforward solution 

Fix Scanning Problem in HP Printer

Make sure you know the reason which is causing the issue while using the scanner, so check the below-given aspects to be sure 

Check network connection: 

If there is an issue with the network, try to fix it spontaneously. Whether you are using a wired or wireless connection, it should be adequately strong to proceeding a scanning session. This is how you can resolve the connection issues with your network

 For wireless connection:

 Make sure that the network is configured incorrect manner. Also, adjusting the router settings can do the trick in most of the cases. So, disconnect and reconnect the wireless network on your device. In addition, keeping the device near to the router can be helpful

 For wired connection:

 Connecting your devices to the router through cables is the basic concept of a wired network connection. So, cables play a primary role. Ensure that all wires or cables and properly configured. The broken or damaged cables can interrupt the wired network connection, so check every wire and replace the damaged one. Also, re-configure the router’s settings and then restart it. 

Install the latest drivers:

The right drivers are important to work with your HP scanner. The outdated drivers work as slow poison for your device. So, if the drivers for your scanner aren’t updated for a long span of time, replace them as soon as you can. Use the below-given steps to update the drivers for your Hp printer and scanner. 

·    Start your printer

·    Unplug the USB cable of your HP printer and scanner which joins it with the computer.

·    After waiting for a few seconds, reconnect the cable.

·    Do the same if you are using a wireless scanner, disconnect and reconnect the device,

·    Go to and search for the drivers for your respective product.

·    To begin the installation, go to “let’s identify your product” and then tap the printer’s icon.

·    Enter the model number, type of printer or the serial number of your printer and click Submit

·    If you want to change the operating system before installation. Click “change” on the prompted page.

·    Select download drivers,

·    You will be asked to select from “Recommended” or “Typical” installation, choose the one you want.

Restart your printer and scanner:

·    Hold the power key and turn off your printer

·    Shut all the programs, extensions and power off your computer.

·    Start your printer and the computer.

·    Now, begin the scanning. 

Use Print and scan doctor:

 The inbuilt troubleshooting tool “Print and scan doctor” works great to fix the scanning issues. Here is how you can use it: 

·    Go to HP official web portal

·    Install the HP print and scan doctor

·    Run the tool.

·    The different colors and signs, let’s understand them:

·    Green checkmarks mean everything is working fine.

·    The white wrench means, there is an error which needs troubleshooting

·    The yellow exclamation mark represents the malign firmware.

·    The Red Cross means the hazardous issue which can be fixed by following the on-screen prompts. 

If you are still not able to resolve the issue with your HP scanner, call upon HP printer customer support. Speak the techies whenever you want the instant solution and keep the technical flaws at bay.

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