A printer driver is a computer program that enables your system to communicate with your printer device. Every brand of printer has its specific printer driver software that it uses, based on its operating system, and converts data to be printed, into a form printer could understand. In this post, we have shared the steps that you can follow to install your HP Printer driver onto your system. Meanwhile, if you are looking to contact our well-versed Printer technicians call us on HP Printer Support and get FREE support for your HP printer drivers.

Why Updating a Printer Driver is Necessary?

Running a new version of an operating system may conflict with your printer and this is the time when you should update your printer driver to make it compatible with your OS.

Updating printer drivers more often help you fix bugs and add additional features to your printer. Drivers smoothness the communication between your computer and the operating system, so it is essential that their software is kept up-to-date. If the driver becomes corrupted, your computer may crash.

How to Update Printer Drivers?

The process of updating the printer driver is different depending on the operating system you have. The best thing is to check your manual or the printer manufacturer’s website for the driver that matches your HP printer model and operating system compatibility.

If you are using Windows as your OS, you need to follow these steps to update your printer drivers:

· Open the control panel and locate ‘devices and printers’ from the options.

· Locate your printer on the screen and select it.

· Is a yellow exclamation mark is present there? If yes, your printer driver is need to be updated.

· Visit the printer manufacturer’s website & look for your HP printer model’s driver.

· Click ‘printer properties’

· Select ‘new driver’

· Follow the wizard to add the printer device by searching the dropdown list for the one you want to use

· Download the new driver

· Run the installer to complete the set-up. You may need to reboot your system.

· You may take help anytime by contacting HP Printer Software Update numbers given below.

How to Manually Update your HP Printer Drivers?

You can also use Windows Update to manually update your Windows. This will further automatically update your printer drivers without going on printer manufacturer’s website. You can also use the disk came with your printer that will instantly install the drivers on your system manually. Follow the steps below:

· Go to control panel

· Click on hardware and sound

· Click on device manager to show you all the connected hardware on your machine — look for ‘imaging devices’, which includes things like webcams.

· Click on the Update driver software

· On clicking, it will list down the best software to install

· Look for your printer manufacturer’s website

· Look for ‘download drivers’ and enter the product name of the recommended driver e.g. HP printer driver.

· Run the installer to complete the set-up.

· You’re done

How is a Universal Printer Driver Useful?

Universal printer drivers are other software programs that can be installed on all systems with all printers connected. These are useful if a business has many computers of different ages and uses different operating systems, apart from print drivers which are often operating-system-specific.

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