Brother Printer Error 28 – This error happens while printing any report from your Brother Printer. In this article, we are giving some simple instructions to fix this error issue.

How do I clear the message ‘Print Unable 28’?

  1. turn off the printer. The turn off switch is situated on the lower right side of the printer
  • let the printer turn off for 10 seconds then turn on the machine.
  • b. Try to print If that the Printer not showing error then print Unable 28 message cleared, the issue is settled.
  • c. If the Print Unable 28 message is still on and showing the error, go to STEP 2.
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2. Uninstall the drums and toners and then Test the printer

  • Turn off the Brother printer.
  • Open the top cover of the printer. Be careful that it opens totally and secures.
  • remove the drum units and toner congregations from the printer by getting a handle on them in the middle and lifting them from the printer.

NOTE: Do not separate the toners from the drums.

  • Close top spread and Turn on the ability to the machine.
    • If No Toner shows up on the showcase, got the chance to STEP e.
    • If Print Unable 28 stays on the showcase, go to STEP 3.
  • Turn off the Brother printer. Open the top spread and spot the drums and toners back in the machine. Close the top cover and go to STEP 3.
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3. Is it true that you are utilizing certified Brother toners?

Brother emphatically suggests that clients utilize just certified Brother drum units or potentially toner cartridges. Every Brother laser printer is intended to work at pre-set temperatures that are coordinated precisely to every one of our individual toner details. Every individual part is intended to work with the other to guarantee quality and dependability. Utilizing non-Brother supplies may influence the equipment execution, print quality and machine dependability. The Brother constrained guarantee doesn’t have any significant bearing to any difficult that is brought about by the utilization of outsider drum units, toner cartridges or toner.

– If you are utilizing non Brother toner, supplanting the toners with Brother brand toners may resolve the issue.

– If the difficult continues please get in touch with us through Ask a Question or Live Chat at Printer support

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