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Brother is a Japanese multinational electronics company that deals in a lot of products including printers, fax machines, desktop computers etc. The brand is most known by its range of diverse printers available for all types of users in the global market. Here we describe how to fix brother printer error.


Many users reported issues of Brother Printers getting offline time and again. With this error, your printer may work fine normally but appears offline when it is connected with the network. In this post, we have listed down solutions to this problem. If you are too encountering this issue then follow these manual steps or call Brother Printer Helpline to talk to our printer technician for free.

Proven Solutions for Brother Printer Offline Error

Below we have listed 5 solutions for Brother printer getting offline error. Follow them one by one. If one solution does not resolve the issue, move to another.

brother printer error

Solution 1: Setting as Default Printer

One of the easiest troubleshooting things you can do is- set the printer as default. A printer marked as ‘default printer’ is the one where the computer sends all of its jobs automatically without letting you to select everytime. Maximum problems will be resolved just by setting the printer as a ‘Default’ printer. To do this, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Control Panel & press Enter.
  • Now select Devices and Printers from the list that appears.
  • Right click on Printer device and select Set as default printer.
  • Now restart the printer and check if the issue is resolved.
  • Connect to Brother Printer Customer service if the issue is still not resolved.

Solution 2: Setting IP address and installing the latest firmware

The other issue must be related to IP address that must be assigned to the printer wrong. The issue can also be related to the latest firmware not installed. Latest firmware should in all cases be installed on your printer as it contains bug fixes and support for a later operating system of Windows. To do this, follow:

  • Open “My computer” and click on the Network tab present at the left side of the screen.
  • Locate the printer. Double-click on it and install the latest firmware.
  • Click on the Network tab present at the top of the screen and select the option Wireless. Copy the IP address information present there.
  • Now open control panel and click on “Devices and printers”. Select Add a printer.
  • Now select the option “Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname”.
  • Enter the details of the IP address which we noted earlier on and enter them here. After entering the IP address, click Next.
  • If the connection is successful, a list of printer driver will come forward. Select the correct driver or click Windows Update for Windows to automatically detect/add the drivers.
  • Can you access the printer without any trouble?
  • If the firmware isn’t updated automatically, navigate to the official Brother Printer Support website, locate your printer and install the software required.

Solution 3: Disabling SNMP Settings

Brother Printer also uses the SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol) for its operations. So disabling this protocol can also fix the problem. Follow these steps:

  • Open your control panel and click on Devices and printers. Once in the printers window, locate your Brother printer, right-click it and select Properties.
  • Once in the settings, click on Ports, now with your IP highlighted, click on Configure ports and uncheck the option SNMP Status Enabled.
  • Press OK to save changes and exit. Now right-click on the printer and try connecting.

Solution 4: Uninstalling antivirus and third-party software

If still you are not able to resolve your brother printer offline issue, it is recommended to uninstall the antivirus or any third party software on your system. This antivirus software is known to cause problems with the printer.  Check if it has resolved the issue or not.

Solution 5: Cancelling all print jobs and reinstalling the printer

Another way to How to fix brother printer error is canceling all print jobs and then uninstalling the printer from the system. To do this follow:

  • Navigate to Devices and printers like we did earlier, right-click on the printer and click ‘See what’s printing’.
  • On the new window which opens up, click on Printer and click cancel all documents.
  • Now you should check if you can access the printer perfectly. If you cannot, right-click on it and select Remove device.
  • Now add the printer using the IP Address in the second solution or add the printer again to the network completely.

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